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Who I am?

ladydragonne 3dx chat


is a half dragon woman who appears as the main antagonist of 3DXCHAT.
Founder of the DRAGON S HEAVEN AND UMBRELLA CORP , VENUM, Akira The Majins !

This magic sentence: « Candy Beam hummm I’m going to turn it into a dessert (like a donut, a macaroon or a cupcake) yummy!
And then take you a bite « … which gives him a little health.

An attractive woman with a pale milky complexion, with wild pink hair that is wavy all the way down to her back.

She has three bangs, two of which frame her face and one that hangs down the center.
The eyes of the red and white Ladydragonne and of the d...


image ladydragonne evenements

Ladydragonne offers DJ services according to the rooms for any type of event: wedding, cocktail, birthday, company party, club, etc ...

All types of music: tech house, deep house, hip hop, dancehall, lounge, eclectro, hardstyle, pop, disco, world, RNB, reggaeton.

Current events are reported on our site, stay tuned! Opening of exceptional rooms of their kind!